Dirty Truck Detail | Cleaning a Filthy Muddy High-End Truck!

27 Th09, 2019
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Dirty Truck Detail - Cleaning a Filthy Muddy High-End Truck! This Filthy Muddy Ford F-350 truck needed a deep cleaning including full interior and exterior car detailing so in this video I show you how to detail a high-end truck!
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Black Latex Gloves - amzn.to/2NO8Pzd
Microfiber Wash Mitt - amzn.to/2Xr0AfZ
Griots Garage 6” Dual Action Polisher - amzn.to/2WNHCfe
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Meguiar’s Microfiber Cutting Disc - amzn.to/2Kz01ef
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Lilly Brush - amzn.to/31vsN3S
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Wheel Brushes:
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Wheel Brush - amzn.to/2SaegqA
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    • Hey buddy - It's always fun to watch your videos. The only think which I feel is missing in videos are, your customer/client reaction after detailing there vehicles.

      Anoop JohnAnoop John9 tháng trước
  • If money was no object, I’d own the newest Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport. Double cab, 6-foot bed with spray-in bedliner, 3.5 L V6 4WD, silver sky metallic color, trailer mount and ball, TRD Premium Sport Package.

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  • Love the color

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  • I’m always washing big cars so I’m used to it lol whenever I help my brother detail his Camaro it always surprises me how fast we finish. We detail my dads trucks a Silverado 2500hd and Ford F-250 he has and my cars aren’t small either Dodge Charger caprice classic and park avenue

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    Tjita1Tjita16 tháng trước
    • Also, a quick hint, these modern cars with radars in the front, be careful with the pressure washer when you get near that, water ingress is one of the most common faults on those things, and they are decidedly not cheap to replace and also not covered by warranty if they turn out to have water damage.

      Tjita1Tjita16 tháng trước
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